Membership requirements


While there are a considerable amount of websites out there that offer quality turtle care, there are others that do not offer quality information. Repeatedly on the internet people are being given information which is not only not helpful but is outright dangerous to their animals. The ITTN will NOT support the dissemination of inaccurate information.

It is up to the webmaster/owner of the applicant site to demonstrate that they meet the requirements of membership to the ITTN. The applicant will be given the opportunity to address any issues we have during the initial discussions of the ITTN members.

To apply to become a member send an email to the of the ITTN. This email should contain the links to your site as well as a brief outine of your objectives and why you wish to be a part of the ITTN.



In order to become a member of the ITTN, your site must meet the following requirements:


  1. Contain QUALITY information. All applicant sites will be thoroughly read by Staff of ITTN.

  2. Contain ORIGINAL content. While applicant sites may very well contain quality information, if they contain information which is already contained within the ITTN membership alone, then there is no benefit of accepting those applicants. The applicant site MUST contain original and unduplicated content as a majority of the site.

  3. ERROR FREE Coding. Applicant sites must be able to demonstrate that they can maintain a high quality site that does not have broken links, cause runtime errors in java or any of the other very common mistakes. This includes cross platform compatability.

  4. Cite Your Sources. Plagiarism is not tolerated so your site must acknowledge the source of photographs and literature information. Personal experiance and knowledge is of course acceptable but it should clear this is so.

  5. Must be seconded. When a site sends its application to the Chairs I will make information available to all members. Then before it is considered for review it must be seconded by at least one member site.

  6. Applicant Must be the Administrator. Only the Site Administrator may apply for the site to be included, if they wish to have someone act on their behalf they must make the application then indicate this, but still be available if needed.