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In striving to meet the expanding needs of the constantly growing turtle community, the internet has managed to not only connect keepers and breeders, but it has also managed to allow poor information to be distributed to the public. The purpose of the ITTN is to supply keepers with a one-stop for turtle and tortoise care. It provides a solid base for education, understanding and the pursuit of quality care. The ITTN community is a compilation of such websites that are interconnected and unified in this goal and attribute credit to one another and each fills a different niche while remaining dedicated to the ITTN's main goal.


Scientists in struggle to keep green turtle off the menu.

Tim Butcher at Cap Esterias

5th June 2004


Paleontologists have discovered a duck-size dinosaur they believe died while catching some z's. Researchers found the creature's fossilized remains curled up with its head tucked under a forelimb, a pose that today is unique to sleeping and resting birds.






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Austin's Turtle Page

Austin's Turtle Page (ATP) is a website dedicated to the captive care of aquatic turtles, ranging from Map Turtles and Cooters to Sidenecks and Softshells. Care Sheets, original articles, medical information and treatments, vet listings by state and state-by-state laws pertaining to turtles. Also featured are numerous photo galleries of various species. is dedicated to the in depth understanding of the turtles of Australasia, Papua and New Guinea and South East Asia. We specialise in the Fly River Turtle for which we are named, however, we also have large amounts of information on Chelid's. Original Descriptions, taxonomic information, and other scientific results. Coupled with a large array of information on Husbandry and Breeding of these turtles. Papers on Water Quality, diets and nutritician are also available. un site consacré aux tortues aquatiques à cou de serpent d'Amérique du sud (Chelus, Platemys, Hydromedusa, Acanthochelys, Phrynops, Batrachemys, Bufocephala, Mesoclemmys, Ranacephala, Rhinemys). Tous les domaines sont concernés: écologie, répartition géographique, conservation, bibliographie, photographie, taxinomie, élevage, reproduction. Vous y trouverez notamment une galerie de photos avec toutes les espèces, des articles disponibles gratuitement et un forum de discussion.
Translate to English is a turtle page that is dedicated to the care of Australasian snake-necked turtles of the species Chelodina and Macrochelodina with the primary focus on their captive care and breeding. Information addressing more general issues such as actual taxonomic status, medical care, food and captive husbandry for snake-necked turtles, more specific pages are found as well. Details for the most common species are found together with suggestions for breeding these species and raising the hatchlings. A forum and picture gallery complete this steadily growing page.

Empire of the Turtle

Empire of the Turtle: Captive bred turtles and tortoises. Information on: rehabilitation and conservation of Florida turtles and tortoises, fossil turtles and tortoises of Florida, turtle books, and whatever else is turtle related that I feel like posting. It is my site after all.

Enchanted Turtle Retreat

Enchanted Turtle Retreat (ETR) is a rescue for turtles and tortoises. Although located in northern New Mexico, we accept turtles and tortoises from anywhere in the US and maintain them in our facilities until appropriate, permanent homes are found. Potential adopters are carefully screened through an application process before they may adopt an animal. ETR is a member of the Turtle Homes Alliance. is an educational website that is dedicated to the natural history and conservation of map turtles (Graptemys). This site is to be used as a tool for identification, a source for scientific literature references and a summary of the turtles' natural history and legal statuses. contains numerous pictures of the species and of their habitat. Many of the pictures on the website have been donated by other Graptemys admirers. The site also contains a news section to inform map turtle enthusiasts about research and current legislation as well as a chat room to allow Graptemys aficionados to converse and share ideas.

Turtle Forum ( is a joint network meeting place where all ITTN affiliates gather together to individually assist keepers with information and care tips as well as advice on injuries and illnesses. is an open community to all keepers, new and experienced, to come and share their information and ask questions. It is the most popular turtle forum / online turtle community anywhere. The forum is highly moderated and has fast replies to all care needs, no matter what they might be. This is the place online where the most experienced keepers and breeders meet. There is also a social side of this community, boasting various games and contests as well as a place to meet and talk to and make new friends. is the #1 website dedicated to the conservation of North American wood turtles through public education and applied research. The website provides resources for the novice and academic alike and features an extensive photo gallery, comprehensive bibliography, and exclusive .pdf documents.

World Chelonian Trust


Xoles Fishies

Xoles' Fishies is a website dedicated to the education of novice and intermediate aquarium hobbyist. The basic information about water quality and chemistry can be found here in a very easy to understand and read format. Xoles' Fishies also offers articles, product reviews and a rapidly growing photo gallery.

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